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Stewart Copeland

He’s the legendary drummer from The Police. He’s an acclaimed composer for blockbuster films. And with the release of “What is Art?” he dives head first into the world of Rhythmic Expressionism. Featuring a powerful series of works on canvas, “What is Art?” takes drum performance into a new direction – from sound to sight.

To build the collection, Copeland worked with Los Angeles art team SceneFour over a twelve-month period. The creation process is an extensive one, but begins with open shutter photography. Outfitted behind the drum kit in a pitch-black studio,

Copeland works with drumsticks that light in a variety ways to build rhythms that are visually captured into a single photographic frame. The drumsticks are pressure sensitive as well, where the amount of light being generated is directly related to the power of the hit. A second phase of production takes place post capturing, with each of the captures meticulously worked with to bring out their true abstract nature visually. Once printed, several of the pieces are then augmented by Stewart and then reprinted again. Copeland then names the final works.

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