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Kathleen Keifer

​“I think I started painting because I could express things in color that I could say in any other way. My paintings invite the viewer to consider the complex relationship between time and timelessness. This is particularly evident in my series work where I aim to capture the infinite changes of color; of the passage of time. But my series work of lifeguard towers or the golden dome at Notre Dame are not merely color studies. It is the sheer visual interaction between the elements, taken in their bare simplicity that interests me. Water, sky, and architecture change their appearance with the sifts in weather and light. For me, painting captures the very essence of time and its passage.”

Kathleen Keifer(born Chicago 1963) is a primarily a Colorist, a consistent point of view applied to her contemporary landscapes, pop art, and figurative work. She began painting at a very young age. She studied art at the University of Notre Dame and the Art Institute of Chicago. Her art is represented in galleries all over the world. She is widely collected in prestigious public and private collections, including: Mary Looker, Kelly Clarkson, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Nealon, James Cameron, Barry Manilow, Hilton Hotels, Sidney Austin, Citigroup, Walt Disney Studios, and the United States Historical Society.

Kathleen Keifer’s entrance into the fine art world, a solo exhibition at McLean Gallery in Malibu in 1996, sold out. “Kathleen has a way of capturing not only the beauty of the landscape, but its unique and provocative mood.”- Kim Devore, Malibu Times. Her successful ten exhibitions in Malibu launched her into the LA art world, including have her paintings featured at Lacma and Moma. In her most current work she has arrived at a distinctive style that layers many colors and textures described by LA magazine as “…fluidly capturing pop culture in a tapestry of layered color.”

Kathleen Keifer is married to Jim Keifer, one of the most successful game inventors in the world. They have three daughters, successfully launched into their creative fields of writing, game invention, set design for television, fine art, and public relations.

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