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James Crouch

Mostly known for his work as a Walt Disney Imagineer. James has contributed to the design and realization of many Disney Theme Parks & Attractions worldwide for the past 30 years. Including Tokyo Disney Seas, Hong Kong Disneyland, Walt Disney Studios and the Magic Kingdom in Paris and, the Disneyland resort in California where James currently lends his services as primarily field Art Director, color development and scenic paint for the entire Disneyland resort.

Early on James started his artistic career painting murals and large-scale Billboards on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, notably Gazzarri’s on the Strip, the Whiskey a go-go and anywhere he could turn a wall into a canvas. Music was always a driving force and passion in James’ life. Creating art in that thriving music scene in the eighties went hand in hand with of the musical giants of the day and paying tribute to those of the past. 

“I think I’ve always loved painting people most.  Capturing the essence of who they are and perhaps a bit of their personalities can be rewarding as an artist. Whether it is through the story that they are telling about themselves, or a character they are depicting”

Notably you can see James’  gallery of pirates inside “the Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction at Disneyland. Including adding the portraits of Captain Jack Sparrow & Captain Barbosa.
You can also see James himself as an actual character in the Haunted Mansion in both Florida and California as a doomed bridegroom in the haunted attic scene!

“All of our life experiences collectively fine tune us and our talents every day. It makes us who we are, and that is reflected in everything we do.

 Through the journey of my career, I have developed and refined a unique painting style for my private collection of work.

A style I see as a natural progression from finely tuned realism early on, to a more painterly and expressive approach now, touching on Impressionism and some abstract influences, all within a realistic realm”.

James now looks to share his personal art through various platforms.


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