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Frankie Banali

Frankie Banali is a mainstay in the history of rock rhythm.  His work with Quiet Riot was for millions of people, a first introduction into the world of heavy metal through songs like “Cum on Feel the Noize” and “Bang Your Head.”  These classics have become modern standards in the genre.

Banali’s hard hitting, deep pocket, heavy approach to rhythm, met with his dedication to never “phoning” any performance in, has kept the Quiet Riot banner waving throughout the world for more than thirty years.  His approach and talents have also been tapped at various points in his career by legends like WASP, Billy Idol, Glenn Hughes, and Pat Thrall among many others.

Frankie Banali worked with acclaimed art team SceneFour on the release of his latest art collection SPIRITS I-VIII.  SceneFour has focused on the collaboration and release of art collections crafted from the performance of acclaimed drummers and guitarists, showcasing their releases in the finest art galleries around the world.

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