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Casts by Alyssa

Alyssa Crosby has been an artist all of her life. Growing up in Southern California, she is a self-taught artist and has painted murals for most of her life. Her murals can be seen in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Northern California, Arizona as well as the East Coast.

Body Casting is another media Alyssa came to love while pregnant, when she cast her own belly. After that she started offering the service to clients. From there Crosby made other body casts, painting them and mounting them to canvas and has experimented with different ways of creating art with it. The outcome is unique, organic pieces of artwork!


Body casting is a multi-step process. Starting with plaster roll, a material similar to that which a Dr would use to cast a broken limb, the model is cast. Once it is fully formed and dried, the cast is then typically attached to a canvas and treated with Gesso. Depending on the design for that specific cast, it is painted or collaged, (or both), then prepared for resin. Usually 2-3 layers of resin are applied, which takes 24 hours to cure after the final coat. The resin will leave the cast protected, with a hard and shiny finish. Body casts take about 3-4 weeks to create.

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