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Michele Rosen, has been in the art market for over 40 years. She is second generation of her family to be in the art business and the sale, distribution, location and installment of fine art from around the world.

Michele is a well-known and recognized authority on the Art of Rock & Roll and the Art of Celebrity. As such, she has been a highly sought-after spokesperson for the genre.

For over twenty-five years, Michele has been at the helm of both securing, procuring and curating the Fine Art Collections of legendary music icons. Her extensive client list includes Grace Slick, Ronnie Wood, Bernie Taupin, Ringo Starr, Mick Fleetwood, and of late the extraordinary traveling exhibitions of the Art of John Lennon.

Her knowledge and her expertise allow her to speak about the history behind the pieces, the provenance of, and the extraordinary nature of each and every piece of artwork created by these legends of rock and roll. Michele’s long-standing personal relationships with each Artist bring a unique opportunity for the press and media to delve into the passions that drive the dual artistic capabilities in these celebrities, as well as allow the Fine Art Collector to hear the stories behind each and every work, Her personal relationships and history with each of these music legends bring a level of sizzle and glamour to each exhibition.

Michele travels to each presenting city, will be in market this week, and is available for interviews.